How to Buy Betta?​

1. Select an online Betta

The easiest way to buy betta is through an online
Select Shop menu or enter through the link below.

2. Research the Betta you want to buy

Select the option you want and click Add To Cart.

Betta you choose will come into the Cart .
And select Checkout If you want more You do the above.

4. Fill out your important information.

Fill in all your email addresses, phone numbers

Choose Trashippers for you, shipping to you in your country.
And estimated delivery date

And press the Process To Paypal button

5. The payment process is complete.

Then the website Redirect to the PayPal payment page or credit debit card.
When you complete the payment, you will receive your Email Order.

Delivery, we will inform you again or you can inquire. Delivery date with us anytime.

Thank you